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For over 20 years we have made it our mission to prevent unnecessary and unwanted shutdowns of critical pipe systems by minimising the downtime during repairs and installations. As a family owned and operated business we are committed to providing fast and effective pipe freezing solutions in order to get your pipes flowing at their optimal capacity in no time!

All of our technicians are equipped with the latest in pipe freezing technology, an expansive knowledge of safe and effective methods and most importantly a friendly smile. All works are fully insured and follow strict safety measures, also known as (SWMS) Safe Work Method Statements. With our same day service guarantee, we make it easy! Choose Quick Freeze for your next pipe freezing job and get Sydney’s best working for you!








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No matter the pipe, or the flow, Quick Freeze is the way to go!

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Here at Quick Freeze we hold ourselves to the highest standard working ethic and ensure that regardless of the job, big or small, we put in 100% of our efforts towards a safe and effective freeze. This is because we believe that pipe freezing is the most cost and time effective method of system isolation.

When your home needs a plumbing repair, it can often lead to puddled mess, but with Quick Freeze we’ll ensure that your water flows only as you please. We provide a helping hand with your local plumber to help get your repairs and installations well underway without the messy pool!


Plumbing can be messy work for any site but, when you have a business to run, the last thing you need is an extended downtime period for a repair or installation. Whether you run a bar, pub or restaurant you simply can’t afford to have your liquid flow disturbed for a prolonged period. Cue the Quick Freeze experts! We’ll provide the best pipe freezing alternatives to guarantee your business is back up and running in record time.

Pipe freezing involves the controlled use of liquid nitrogen to isolate and freeze a particular section of your pipeline. This takes the hassle out of draining and cleaning by stopping the flow from within. This ice plug serves as a barrier to block the flow during servicing and naturally thaws once the job is done. No matter the pipe, or the flow, Quick Freeze is the way to go!


Factories and manufacturers make up the vast majority of our clientele and this is because the industrial machinery found on these sites require frequent maintenance. Industrial sites working with coolants and solvents, acids, oils and various other chemicals cannot afford to drain out their supplies, nor can they afford the subsequent clean. This is where we come in - we provide the highest quality in system isolation alternatives with the most effective and efficient pipe freezing in Sydney!

While the process of freezing can vary depending on the size and content, the outcome is always guaranteed to be the most efficient solution during repairs and installations. We work diligently to expedite our services without sacrificing on quality or performance. Between our expansive knowledge of freezing and isolation and our state of the art equipment you can be sure you’re getting the best!

Fire Services

Pipe freezing is a direct method of system isolation that utilises the effects of CO2 and Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the contents of a pipeline in a localised area. The cryogenic process begins by drawing out heat from the liquid within the pipe until it reaches a temperature well below its freezing point. Once a sufficient ‘freeze plug’ is formed, we will then monitor the flow of liquid nitrogen to ensure proper blockage during your installation or repair.

Fire hoses and fire water supplies are of the utmost importance during a time of emergency which is why it is important to ensure swift and efficient maintenance with as minimal downtime as possible. Lucky for you, Quick Freeze are Sydney’s leading experts on all your pipe freezing needs!

Air Conditioning

In the event of an air conditioner malfunctioning, you might decide to contact a local repairman to identify the problem. In many cases, however, your local repairman might contact us to freeze the pipes of your air conditioning system in order to properly assess the damage.

Central air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial properties withstand extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures at various times throughout the year. This ultimately makes for a potentially volatile environment for your pipes and plumbing repairs require extreme care. In order to ensure a thorough inspection it is imperative to prevent the water flow between the pipes in question. Call Quick Freeze today before all your air conditioning repairs and maintenance and help us freeze your pipes today!

  • Joe
    Quick Freeze are an incredible team to work with. Their prompt timing, friendly service and state of the art technology makes a basic installation a total breeze! I call on them for every commercial job and have never been let down.
    WS Pipework & Fixtures
  • Mattias
    The Quick Freeze team has been our go-to for a couple of years now. We have called on them a couple of times during our scheduled maintenance and they’ve been great. They have a wide understanding of our pipeline system and even helped us to avoid a catastrophic burst!
    Plus Industries
  • Greg
    I’ve used Quick Freeze’s services for over 10 years now and have never had a problem. They are quick and efficient and really know their stuff. I recommend them to all the local plumbers and rave about their services regularly. Would highly recommend.
    XS Plumbing Services
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